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Your pilgrimage begins in the beautiful and charming village of Valença do Minho, on the border with Tui. It is one of the most demanded places to do the Portuguese Way of Santiago. It is a journey of 75 miles divided into 6 stages, with a duration of 8 days.

You will overnight in Valença the first night, and then, in the following towns of your trip: O Porriño, Redondela, Pontevedra, Caldas de Reis and Padrón from where you enter to Santiago de Compostela after crossing the famous bridge of Roman origin Ponte Vella to end your Portuguese Xacobea Route.

Mascamino.es offers you a Tailor-made Trip so that no problem spoils your Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.


¡¡¡Ultreia!!! ¡¡¡Buen Camino!!!

Portuguese Way of St. James Route from Valença to Santiago


Day 1


Valença, where your exciting pilgrimage will begin tomorrow on the Portuguese Way of Santiago. OVERNIGHT

Day 2


This is the first day of your Portuguese Way of Santiago. After crossing the bridge over the Miño River along the pedestrian walkway that is located on the border between Portugal and Spain, the path leads to the top of Tui through the old city and the citadel. Pilgrims usually visit the Cathedral of Santa María de Tui, the City Hall and the Convent of Santo Domingo from there, the cobbled streets will take you to the Church of San Bartolomeu de Rebordáns (s. VI). Between a lush nature, stretches of road and escorted by the Louro River in many areas of our Camino de Santiago, we arrive at the interesting city of O Porriño. Locality more industrialized than the medieval environments to which the Way of St. James has accustomed us as it passes through Galicia. In O Porriño, where we will spend the night, the most remarkable are the works of one of his favorite son, the renowned architect Antonio Palacio, author of the City Hall, Fuente del Cristo and a Templete previously located in a subway station in Madrid. Its cuisine includes bread baked in a wood oven, mushrooms, and Galician pork and veal cook in different traditional recipes. All of them delicious. FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 3


Today's stage is the shortest of this Camino Portugues de Santiago, with the exception of some pieces that pass through the countryside, it has a slightly more urban aspect, which means greater comfort for the pilgrim. Among the towns of Mos and Redondela is the main difficulty of the road during this day, it is the ascent to the Chapel of Santiaguiño de Antas. Along this slope, there are pilgrims who come to eat in one of the many 'furanchos' scattered throughout the area. The 'furancho' is a private house that opens its dining room to the public, where they offer their own wine and traditional homemade food. Redondela is a city famous for the 2 train viaducts of the s. XIX that stand out among the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds it. To this cultural heritage, you can add the Church of Santiago Apóstol de Redondela, (12th century), Romanesque building that we recommend you visit. As well as taste its exquisite cuisine. FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 4


Today we start another beautiful stage with urban sections and with some interesting slope. In Cesantes we underline the beautiful ascent to Alto da Lomba, 152 m. (Sierra del Viso), at whose descent we will enjoy the fabulous views over the Ría de Vigo, where the islands of San Simón and San Antón emerge. At the bottom of its waters rest the remains of the sunken galleons during the Battle of Rande (1702-Spanish Succession War). Continuing our Portuguese Way of Santiago we reach the town of Arcade, known internationally for the delicious oysters that were raised at the mouth of the Verdugo River. Leaving Arcade we headed to Pontesampaio crossing over its magnificent medieval bridge of the same name. In this place the decisive battle for Galicia was fought against the Napoleonic troops in the Spanish War of Independence (1809), ending with the French occupation in this Region. Pontevedra is at the end of this stage. Its enormous cultural and gastronomic heritage makes this beautiful Galician city worth exploring. The curious Church of the Pilgrim Virgin (Capela da Virxe Peregrina s.XVIII), with a plant in the form of 'scallop', is a place of 'must' visit for pilgrims as it honors the Pilgrim Virxe, Patroness of Pontevedra and This Portuguese Way of Saint James that you are pilgrimage. It is located in the Pilgrim's Square (Pilgrim's Praza). The Basilica of Santa María la Mayor is another outstanding church of the XVI century that is worth your visit. Again, local Galician cuisine adds a lot of appeal to the stage. Enjoy it !!! FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 5


This journey of the Portuguese Way to Santiago de Compostela is easy to pilgrimage. Due to the small number of bars and shops, you should make sure that you have enough supplies so that you do not miss during the journey. We invite you to make a small detour between Portela and Briallos to approach the amazing landscape that harmonize forest, "muiñada" (succession of mills located in the riverbed) and the waterfalls in the Ría Barosa Natural Park. Along the way you will enjoy discovering towns such as Alba, A Portela and Briallos. In Alba you can see the Church of Santa María de Alba and in A Portela the Church of San Mamede. Caldas de Reis is possibly the most interesting municipality of this section. It is located between the Umia and Bermaña rivers. Caldas de Reis is hometown of King Alfonso VII of Leon and Castile, known as "The Emperor" (12th century). For this reason, the word Reyes (Reis in Galician) is added to its original name, Caldas. This town is recognized for its thermal springs, one of them public "Fonte das Burgas". Among its inheritance highlights the Roman Bridge, the Church of Santa Maria de Caldas and the Church of Santo Tomé de Canterbury. After this interesting visit to the city, you can taste some of its typical dishes based on lamprey, trout, seafood and Galician meats, washed down with a good albariño; as well as its famous butter and cornmeal bread. Later, you can go to your hotel where you will enjoy a well-deserved rest. FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 6


This is another affordable stage that will allow us to better enjoy the probably more attractive route of the Portuguese Way of St. James in the Galician constituency. We start from Caldas de Reis towards O Cruceiro where we will pass by the beautiful baroque church Santa Mariña (18th century). Before arriving in Pontecesure we find the beautiful Romanesque church in San Xulián (12th century). Crossing this bridge of Roman origin that extends over the Ulla River, we will leave behind the province of Pontevedra to enter A Coruña. At the end of our stage we will spend the night in the interesting town of Padrón. It is the second most relevant city in relation to the Apostle Santiago after Compostela. According to tradition, 2 disciples from Santiago arrived in Galicia to bury his remains safe from his murderer Herod Agrippa, Israel King. In the place where his tumb was found, on Monte Libredón, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela was erected, the objective of our pilgrimage. In Padrón you can visit the Church of Santiago under whose altar is the 'Pedrón' (granite block where they tied the boat that moved the body of the saint, and belonged to a Roman ara dedicated to Neptune). We must review the linkage of this municipality to two great names of Galician literature: Rosalía de Castro and Nóbel Camilo José Cela. As for its gastronomic richness, in addition to the typical products of Galicia: seafood, fish, meat, cheeses and wines; we have to add its well-known "Padrón Peppers", a very popular vegetable that is served deep-fried with coarse salt. FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 7


At this stage, your pilgrimage will take place on asphalt between rural-urban areas. The first and important villa of this route is Iría Flavia. It was an important Celtic settlement that acquired municipality status with the Roman Empire. The Roman road, Via XIX, that accompanied us along almost the entire Portuguese Way of Santiago, leaves us at this point in the direction of Lugo. The beautiful Collegiate Church of Iría Flavia is one of the most recommended places to visit. This church was the cathedral of Galicia before the current one of Santiago de Compostela. Immediately after the emblematic Ponte Vella, we will find two ways to enter Santiago de Compostela: directly along the road or, taking a dirt track that extends to the right. This last option that will take us next to the convent of Santa María de Conxo, is 0,9 miles longer, but, at the same time, it is quieter and more interesting. Once you arrive at the Cathedral of Santiago and get in the Pilgrim's Office your precious "Compostela" your Way of Saint James will have come to its end, but now you can enjoy the city and all the attractions it offers and you can share your experience with hundreds of pilgrims from all over the world. FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 8

SANTIAGO. End of Servicies

After the full breakfast our services end. We can facilitate your return trip *. This is the end of your wonderful adventure. We hope you enjoyed and feel satisfied with your pilgrimage on this Portuguese Way of Santiago. The results within each of us will be discovered from now on, and will last, accompanying you, over the years. Thank you very much for trusting mascamino.es. Good Return Trip!
  • 7 nights in shared dorm or private rooms.
  • 7 full breakfasts.
  • Pilgrims Passport and Travel Guide.
  • Luggage transfer between stages.
  • Possibility to attend to the daily Mass.
  • Phone support on the road 24 hours.
  • „*” The options marked with these symbols have an additional cost.
  • Flights: Although we can provide them. Please contact us.
  • Everything that does not appear in the section INCLUDED.

*Choosin a different date than those provided on this trip may have a Special Supplement in the Price/pax depending on the season and availability.

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