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In the impressive valley of the Comarca del Bierzo (León) begins your pilgrimage to do the French Way of Santiago on foot. The City of Ponferrada welcomes you to take in all of its medieval charm. It is a journey of 205 miles divided into 9 stages, lasting 11 days.

Your Camino de Santiago on foot begins in Ponferrada, city where we will spend the first night. The remaining nights of your French Jacobean Route will spend the night in each of the interesting locations of: Villafranca del Bierzo, O Cebreiro, Triacastela, Sarria, Portomarín, Palas de Rei, Arzúa and O Pedrouzo from where we will go to Santiago de Compostela by the representative Monte do Gozo.

Mascamino.es offers you a Tailor-made Trip so that no problem spoils your Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.


¡¡¡Ultreia!!! ¡¡¡Buen Camino!!!

The French Way of St. James Route from Ponferrada to Santiago


Day 1


Ponferrada, where you will start tomorrow your exciting pilgrimage on the French Way of Santiago. OVERNIGHT

Day 2


We are facing the first stage of your pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago on its route from Ponferrada. This day has a stellar protagonist: the great valley of the region of El Bierzo, which generates a special microclimate softening the temperature of the plateau, although, we must contemplate the shortage of trees facing the protection that the pilgrim will need in summer. In general, it is a comfortable route that will run along good roads and dirt tracks and the lack of noteworthy slopes. The entire valley is full of splendid vineyards that produce a fantastic wine with Designation of Origin of El Bierzo and that you can taste in several wineries that are located in two towns of the official route: Camporayana and Cacabelos. The day ends in Villafranca del Bierzo, declared "Historical-Monumental Villa". Among its fantastic artistic heritage we can highlight: The Gothic Church of San Francisco, The Collegiate Church of St. Mary, the Convent of San Nicolás, the Castle of the Marquises of Villafranca, and monumental streets such as Agua and Ribadeo. Especially it is necessary to make reference to the small Church of Santiago for its great importance in the Jacobean Route. In it, the pilgrim who is prevented by any disease to reach Santiago de Compostela, could reach the same indulgences. This privilege was granted by Pope Calixto III in the fifteenth century. The monument highlights the Puerta del Perdón, which is only opened by the Bishop of Astorga in Saint Jacobean Years. FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 3


After a day without complications, today we will face the toughest stage, but also, the most beautiful and exciting of the French Way of St. James in Spanish lands. The fearsome slopes of up to 660 meters in 1,3 miles that reach their greatest obstacle in the ascent of Las Herrerías to Laguna de Castilla, with 480 meters of unevenness in 3,5 miles, are mainly in 'corredoiras' (carriage roads, narrow and deep, fenced by fences, walls or other elevations of the land) to reach the charming and mysterious population of O Cebreiro. The enormous effort of the pilgrim is widely rewarded by the attractions offered by this Galician villa on the French Jacobean Route. O Cebreiro is a small village full of customs and legends. The most spectacular is that of the Eucharistic Miracle or Galician Holy Grail that took place in the Benedictine Church of Santa María la Real (s.IX). Tradition tells how during the Celebration of the Holy Mass on a very hard winter day, the consecrated Host and Wine become visible Meat and Blood leaving their mark on the Patena and the Chalice, before the faith of a single farmer who attended to worship. These relics are preserved until today exposed in a showcase, a gift from the Catholic Monarchs, in this church and they are very revered by the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago. Another of the charms of O Cebreiro are the pallozas (traditional constructions of round or oval plant made with stone and thatched roof, characteristic of several areas of León and Galicia). FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 4


Today's stage offers another beautiful route on paths of land characterized, in its first two thirds, by high mountains that exceed 1,200 m., continuous slopes and the descent to Triacastela, where we will spend the night. In the colder seasons we must be willing to find snow, blizzards and fog typical of these highest peaks in the Sierra de Os Ancares. A few miles from O Cebreiro, on the top of San Roque (1,200 m.) We find a sculpture of the pilgrim and about 1,5 miles away, the Hospital de la Condesa, built in the ninth century to assist pilgrims on this French Way of Santiago. The slope to Alto do Poio (1,300 m.) offers a special hardness in its short stretch of 200 meters, although it gives us amazing views. In Triacastela we can taste typical dishes of Galician cuisine based on pork such as: raxo (marinated in paprika), lacon (roasted and served with extra virgin olive oil and paprika) and zorza (chorizo ​​meat before stuffing it ). FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 5


Depending on the option chosen at this stage, through San Xil or Samos (4,5 miles longer), we will enjoy the impressive San Xil Valley or the fantastic chestnut and oak forests along the Oribio River . Those who opt for Samos can visit the fabulous Samos Monastery. Both options come together in A Guiada to enter Sarria together. We will spend the night in the city of Sarria, the largest of our pilgrimage along the French Way of St. James in the lands of Galicia except Santiago de Compostela. This important city on the Xacobea Route is 62,13 miles (100 kilometers) from Santiago, enough distance to get the precious Compostela, and is the first stage for many pilgrims. In its monumental complex we find: The Churches of Santa Marina and Salvador, the Monastery of La Magdalena and the Romanesque Ponte Aspera. Delicious Galician dishes welcome us at the end of this stage. Octopus, seafood, empanadas and much more. Bon appetite!!! FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 6


Today's stage is the beginning for many pilgrims who begin their French Way of Santiago for giving the 100 kilometers required to reach the desired Compostela. The Sarria-Santiago route is one of the most demanded by those who decide to do the Camino de Santiago but either lack time or do not have the appropriate physical state to make longer and more complex routes. Today we will have a relaxed day that glides along a path dotted with small towns and villages among ancient forests of ferns, oaks and chestnut trees. We will crown another interesting stage of our Camino de Santiago Francés in the city of Portomarín. History allows us to know how the ancient medieval city was flooded with the waters of the Belesar swamp in 1963 but that, its most valuable architectural-artistic ensemble was moved stone by stone to its current location in the new town of Portomarín. In drier years, you can still admire the ruins of the old town. Portomarín is the gateway to the Ribeira Sacra. Access to it is done by climbing the beautiful staircase of its medieval bridge that takes us to the small Chapel of the Virgen de las Nieves, former chapel of the Hospital of the Order of San Juan - Domus Dei; if we enter the town, we can also visit the Romanesque Church of St. Nicholas, built by the order of Malta in the twelfth century; as well as the Romanesque portico of the Church of San Pedro of this same time and the Pazo de Berbetoros of the 17th century. As for gastronomy, we can taste different recipes with the precious eels, the exquisite Galician veal and the pork of the native variety ‘Celtic porco’. FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 7


Today's stage zigzags between oak and eucalyptus forests, with small villages located on both sides of the road. When we reach the town of Castromaior we can see a recognized and interesting settlement of the Iron Age, of the many that dot the area between Galicia and León, called 'Castros'. Continuing our pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago Francés, we will arrive at the famous Cruceiro de Lameiros (1,670). Elegant cruise of great symbolic value that shows, in the face of the sobriety of other monoliths of the style, on one side the image of our Lord Jesus Christ Crucified and on the other to the Blessed Dolorosa with her Son Lying in her arms. Also, its pedestal shows, in relief, several elements of the martyrdom and sacrifice of Jesus such as a skull, bones, hammer, nails, crown of thorns and ladder. At the end of the stage we will arrive at the city of Palas de Rei, where we will rest until the next day of Camino. In this villa you can enjoy the fabulous Fortaleza de Pambre Castle built in the 14th century. Palas de Rei has a very important gastronomic tradition. In its pulpeiras we will find amazing recipes with octopus, also, we can taste traditional dishes with veal and pork and the typical cheese of the Arzúa-Ulloa area. FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 8


There is the possibility of dividing this stage in 2 with night in Melide. Please, Ask us. At this stage we will leave the province of Lugo to fully enter La Coruña (A Coruña). Many of the towns among which we will make a pilgrimage, throughout this day, will take us back, in a magical journey through time, to the Middle Ages: its streets, buildings and the entire atmosphere that surrounds them seem imported from that time. Among the monuments and buildings we highlight the Church of Santa María de Leboreiro and the Velhe Bridge over the Furelos River, civil work of the 12th century, and one of the most beautiful on the French Way to Santiago de Compostela. Once we have passed the town of Melide, we will pass from the medieval environment to a slightly more modern one. As for gastronomy, we must talk about one of the main delicacies of the delicious Galician cuisine is the octopus. The pulperías of all Galicia elaborate the best recipes with octopus in a traditional way, therefore, it is mandatory to make a stop on the Camino to taste these succulent dishes that we can complement with meats, chacinas, wines, cheeses and typical artisan sweets of every place. Once we have passed Melide we will be just 31 miles from Santiago de Compostela. We will spend the night in Arzúa where we recommend visiting the Church of Santiago and the Convent of La Magdalena. FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 9


Our day today will be marked by a smoother journey, this will allow us to regain strength to conquer our purpose of the Way in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Throughout the pilgrimage today, we will enjoy the spectacular Galician landscapes full of meadows with vineyards and dense forests with ferns, oaks and eucalyptus. Throughout this stage we suggest you visit the small Church of Santa Irena with its source, more recognized among pilgrims as: 'Fountain of Eternal Youth', whose legend tells us that, 'everyone who cleans himself with his waters will keep eternally his youth '. The Church was erected at the end of the 17th century in the place where the Portuguese saint was martyred to honor her. FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 10


Galicia gives us, in this final stage, a picturesque landscape to travel the few kilometers that remain from its Camino de Santiago. In the municipality of Lavacolla you can go up to the viewpoint of the legendary Monte do Gozo. It is a place full of symbolism, with legends of Santiago miracles and an atmosphere bathed in happiness by Christian pilgrims throughout the history of the French Way, Northern Way and Primitive Way, for being the place where, for the first time, it contemplate the towers of the Cathedral Church of Santiago de Compostela. From there, we will be a few kilometers from the Plaza del Obradoiro, where the Cathedral of the Apostle Santiago awaits us, majestic. At the Pilgrim Attention Office you will be asked to show your Pilgrim Passport and state the purpose of your trip (eg spiritual, cultural, leisure). After that, La Compostela will be able to prove that it has successfully completed its Pilgrimage. The trip is over, but NOT the experience of the Way. Now, next to a multitude of pilgrims from around the world, you can tour the surroundings of the Cathedral and enjoy with its wonderful Portico de la Gloria, Romanesque masterpiece and one of the outstanding pieces of universal art, created by Master Mateo . Inside the Cathedral you can see the famous Botafumeiro, a huge censer, that perfumes the Cathedral in moments of great solemnity. Upon leaving the Temple of the Apostle Santiago, they can share their experiences on the road with a happy and satisfied multitude of pilgrims. Gastronomically, Santiago de Compostela offers a wide and varied menu of delicacies such as seafood, octopus, fish, meat, empanadas, cheeses, wines and desserts cooked masterfully. FULL BREAKFAST • LUGAGGE TRANSFER • OVERNIGHT

Day 11

SANTIAGO. End of Services

After a full breakfast our services end. We can facilitate your return trip *. This is the end of your wonderful adventure. We hope you enjoyed and feel satisfied with your pilgrimage on this Camino Frances de Santiago. The fruits of your Camino de Santiago will appear from this very moment deep inside you, and will last, accompanying you, over the years. Thank you very much for trusting mascamino.es. Good Return Trip!
  • 10 nights in shared dorm or private rooms.
  • 10 full breakfasts.
  • Pilgrims Passport and Travel Guide.
  • Luggage transfer between stages.
  • Possibility to attend to the daily Mass.
  • Phone support on the road 24 hours.
  • „*” The options marked with these symbols have an additional cost.
  • Flights: Although we can provide them. Please contact us.
  • Everything that does not appear in the section INCLUDED.

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